Ch. Freespirit Della Riva D'Arno

Date of birth: 05/02/2004

BART Co-owned with Barbara Cocco and Riccardo Di Carlo, a true "English Dog", son of Wanda and the living legend Krisma City Slicker. He very quickly gained the Italian Championship and moved on to Zagreb in November 2006 to pick-up not only BOB but also BOG-1 under the famous British judge Ronnie Irving. Recent litters sired by him have produced several puppies full of promise.



Ch. Krisma City Slicker
Wesscots Knight Challenge
Wesscots Knight Riot at Bellevue
Ch. Wesscots Knight In Arms
Wesscots Airs'n Graces
Wesscots Last Tango
Ch.Wesscots Knight F'Dancing
Fernforest Calliche
Krisma Keynote At Olac
Ch. Olac Moon Pilot
Olac Moonmaverick
Olac Wintermoon
Ch. Lasara Hell Of A Girl
Ch. Lasara Love-All
Ch. Lasara 'L for Leather
Ch. Melissa Della Riva D'Arno
Ch. Rishtte Snow Juggler
Ch. Ashgate Bern Era
Ch. Ashgate Sinclair
Ashgate Braw Bricht Lass
Furzeleigh White Lady At Rishtte
Ch. Ashgate Leckie
Snow White Little Dreamer
Furzeleigh Minie The Minx At Rishtte
Rishtte Snow Blaster
Ch. Ashgate Sinclair
Furzeleigh Celtic Jewel
Furzeleigh Celtic Lad
Ashgate Arochyle