Ch. Jilly Della Riva D'Arno

Date of birth: 27/03/2005

A mixture of Spanish and Finnish blood-lines perfectly blended with tremendous character enabling her to pass the TAN Test (Natural Attitudinal Test), the first overall Italian bitch to achieve this. She is also my most recent Italian Champion and Club Champion (under approval).


Ch. Starring Tonttu-Ukko
Ch. Cetera Dux Ducis
Ch. Happy White Emperor
Ch. O'Hara-Ashley Sweet Honey Pie
Ch. Perhaps Pearl Of Pusta
Ch. Cetera Electra
Ch. Afterall
Ch. Lollipoplove
Starring De Cinoteca Nono
Ch. Warner de Cinoteca Nono
Ch. Ashgate Fin Me Oot
Ch. Mejoranda de Cinoteca Nono Cinoteca Nono
Ch. Mejorando de Cinoteca Nono
Salina de Cinoteca Nono
Ch. Alborada Pour Le Meilleur
Ch. Algodon de Pasbanugar
Ch. Gryzor de Pasbanugar
Ch. Ashgate Fin Me Oot
Ch. Bella Carlota of Clantartan
Dona-Truana de Pasbanugar
Ch. Lasara Lauder of Ashgate
Suebeck Lizbeth
Alborada Alouette
Ch. Just a Poke du Hameau des Sources
Ch. Mejorando de Cinoteca Nono
Michelle de Cinoteca Nono
Alborada High-Society
Ch. Ashgate Connel
Alborada Panopla