Ch. Breeze Della Riva D'Arno

Date of birth: 26/05/2002

Is more than an hope for the future... and is Teddy's full sister, sharing the same inquisitive, outgoing, and loving temperament. Nina correctly identifies with the breed standard and she is a marvellous example of the breed and our breeding program. She was shown in Finland during the summer 2004 obtaining the Finnish title in a weekend - three shows in a row! Thank you to all my friends that made it possible... She's now also Italian, Italian Club Champion and International Champion (under FCI approval).


Ch. Vallange Sailor Jack
Ch. Vallange Conquistador
Furzeleigh Celtic Lad
Ch Furzeleigh Regal Lad
Furzeleigh White Lady at Rishtte
Vallange Sol-y-sombra
Ch Ashgate Leckie
Crookfieds Masquerade at Vallange
Ch. Vallange Starlet
Ch. Ashgate Sinclair
Ch Ashgate Lenzie
Ch Ashgate Sallachy
Ashgate Beaval of Fernforest
Ch Ashgate Connel
Ashgate Braw Bricht Lass
Ch. Ariel Della Riva D'Arno
Ch. Rishtte Snow Juggler
Ch. Ashgate Bern Era
Ch Ashgate Sinclair
Ashgate Braw Bricht Lass
Furzeleigh White Lady at Rishtte
Ch Ashgate Leckie
Snow White Little Dreamer
Tinkerbell della Riva d'Arno
Giolide Copanello
Ch Justrite Jason
Ch Sumaba Carolina
Roseshenn Ice Maiden
Cartmel Tommy Tucker
Roseshenn Snow Princess