Ch. Braveheart della Riva D'Arno

Date of birth: 26/05/2002

Teddy has been THE ULTIMATE ONE from our home-bred show dogs and will remain for certainty in our hearts...Teddy is a son of a living legend, Vallange Sailor Jack. And indeed a dream come true, becoming quickly International, Italian, Finnish, Croatian, Slovenian and Italian Club champion, needing only one cc for the latest title, the Austrian Championship. In addiction to all this, he has been the first westie in Italy to get the hunting test certificate (TAN). His legacy is going on in his offspring, in Italy and abroad. He is so strikingly like his mother, possessing a beautiful head, along with a short compact body. He is now permanently living in Croatia and enjoying life with our friend Suzana Verstovsek, to whom we wish all the best!!!


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